Kali Uchis x Masego

Stop everything right now and add Kali Uchis and Masego to your car-ride playlist. Two years ago while shuffling through Spotify Radio, I came across these two musical gems that changed my life. Their music is perfect for meandering through morning traffic or lazy-riding on the way to your favorite surf spot.

Kali Uchis

The first gem I discovered was the voice of Kali Uchis crooning out of the speakers and across the woodgrain of my 2004 Cadillac Deville. It was on this early Saturday morning drive to surf dawn patrol that I fell in love.

It caught my attention that this was the first song on the Spanish Music radio station that was completely in English and when I listened more carefully, I was instantly inducted into the ranks of Kali Uchis fandom.

Her Sound

The music is fresh, immersive and Uchis’ voice sounds like Amy Winehouse combined with a young Astrud Gilberto. I spent the following months addicted to the Colombian, Virginia-raised artist and her melodies. I still can’t get in the car without listening to at least one of her songs.

Her Story

Uchis skipped class to volunteer in her school’s photo department and began designing album artwork for her friends, while quietly recording songs for fun. After being kicked out of her home in high school and living out of her car, she released a song on the internet and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Since then Uchis has worked with Tyler the Creator, Snoop Dogg, The Gorrillaz, Jorja Smith and many more. She is on the verge of releasing another album and her new singles such as ‘Tyrant’ and ‘Nuestro Planeta‘ do not disappoint. Although her newest song releases are very different from the sound many fans fell in love with in her first album, ’Por Vida’ (2015), they are hinting at something equally as excellent on the horizon. Much love Kali, keep cranking out these masterpieces!

Masego Music

Shortly after my foray with Kali Uchis, a more upbeat jam appeared. I was introduced to another Virginian named Masego through his songs ‘Bounce’ and “Girls that Dance‘ which are very danceable grooves that are relentlessly cool and may have even given birth to catching a ‘homie assisted twerk’.

His Sound

Masego’s music is all about getting off the wall and just letting the music get into you. He is a playful and skilled multi-instrumentalist that is majorly influential in a relatively new genre called ‘Trap-Jazz.’ It bumps, it’s catchy and it’s relatable, but it also has the dynamic musicality that musicians can respect as mastery of the craft.

Masego plays like no-one is listening and isn’t afraid to just jam out. He is the son of two pastors and has roots in gospel, jazz and hip hop.

His Story

Masego started playing the drums to help his mother secure a more reliable band for church and subsequently picked up several other instruments to impress the girls at school.

He has an EP called ‘Pink Polo EP’ and released a full album last year (2016) called ‘Loose Thoughts.’ Both are definitely worth a listen. Masego is definitely an artist to keep your eye on in the next few years as he collaborates with more notable artists and releases more gold.

If you’re like me and just can’t wait to dive in check out this Kali x Masego Playlist on Spotify and shuffle into some great music.

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